The KMAM Fam


Central to our students’ success is great communication. Strong relationships between families, students and teachers are just part of our DNA at KMAM. That’s why teachers are in touch so frequently, in so many ways, like sending positive text messages to parents about their child’s character growth, or helping students with homework when requested.

KIPP schools work closely with families to create a welcoming school environment where students can flourish. Through phone calls, emails, home visits, and parent-teacher conferences, KIPP schools regularly communicate with families about their child's academic development.

KMAM teachers make phone calls every night, send home progress reports every week, and show up to the moments that matter: track meets, father-daughter dances, soccer games, Noche de Familia, literacy night, and more.  


“My child's teachers check in sometimes two, three times a week. Just to let me know how she is doing. I appreciate that communication more than you can know.”

— Ms. Hall, KMAM parent


What KMAM Parents Say


"What I love best about KMAM is the teachers. They always work with you, and the way they treat students is so different from other schools my son went to. You never hear yelling in the school; they treat the kids with respect."

— Ms. Jackson, KMAM 8th grade parent

What I love about KMAM is their ability to see a child's strength and build on them and help them focus on what they need help in. I chose to send my daughter to KIPP because there aren't very many options available at her skill level. I believe KIPP was the best place in Memphis for my child to continue to grow academically.

— Ms. Jefferson, KMAM 7th grade parent


Meet a KIPPster

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Mayerlie Aguilar, KMAM 8th Grader

Highlights: KMAM soccer team, DACA Alliance, Library Assistantship Program, Honors Student
KMAM Experience: I love my library elective because I get to help the entire school. I can pick out what books we order for all of the students and we get to make recommendations and PSAs. Not a lot of schools have that so it feels pretty special.


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Highlights: Algebra 1, Spanish, Honors Student
KMAM Experience: I learned at KMAM that the only thing holding you back from success is yourself. Because I was able to take Algebra 1 and Spanish, I earned high school credits, and also got into the Optional program at a great high school.

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Highlights: KMAM track team, Choir, Algebra 1, Teachers Aid, Honors Student
KMAM Experience: I really miss KMAM because there, you are special. I still talk to my old teachers because the way that they treat you, you just know they care. Plus, the memory of winning the track state championships with my relay team is something I'll never forget.